At St. John´s, the child is at the center of our efforts. They are the reason we focus on nurturing curiosity as a way to achieve intellectual development. We focus also, on the idea of flexibility as a powerful tool that leads to the freedom of making different learning choices. When we are flexible, we find more enjoyable travelling each road in our search for knowledge. Being flexible means the student understands that all are equal, with multiple ways to see the world and find answers for common problems. The flexible learner will make the connection between sharing curiosity, different opinions and solutions, and progressing as a group.
When we show a kid how to be independent, to develop critical thinking, we are showing respect for a child. Child agency happens whenever they ponder on their options, evaluate cause and consequence, and understand the possible outcome of their actions. They become free and independent when they start to apply balance and responsibility to their actions, aiming the progress of the whole.
Our goal is prepare a child to take the best advantage of their future, hence, fostering child agency means our little ones will learn how to take good care of themselves, mind and body. They will develop their skills, become more assertive and make decisions with the confidence their choices will bring positive advancements to their lives. Family, school and communities are key agents along this journey.


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