St.John's International School is an IB candidate School



Sports and activities for mind and body development

At St. John´s, we offer the perfect environment for our children to grow healthy and strong, and develop their attributes and their physical and cognitive potentials by expressing themselves with freedom. Here, our students are free to run and play outdoors. Our teachers plan for daily practices and lessons taking profit of our expansive green areas and multifunctional outdoor spaces. Everybody can be in direct contact with nature and learn to respect, preserve, and take good care of the environment. All sports, physical and artistic activities we provide have the same goals in common: to foster in all pupils the idea of belonging to a collectiveness, to respect each other, and to learn how to live in our society. Their continuous practice brings multiple benefits, the balance of mind and body; nurture the importance of taking good care of ourselves. They also teach how to go beyond our limits and brake barriers, the utmost responsibility to be part of a group, the importance of fair play and the proper attitude be it winning or losing. Students will definitely feel the great sensation of sharing the same goals with their pals. Our daily practices include:


  • Ballet
  • Capoeira
  • Judo
  • Extra Classes
  • Indoor Gimnastics
  • Soccer
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