St.John's International School is an IB candidate School

Our History


The St. John’s Academic Centre began its activities in Brazil as an academic research and reference centre for excellence in the teaching of foreign languages. Back then, activities encompassed assisting bilingual and international schools to plan activities, train staff, develop academic material, helping to adapt and adjust curriculum, and guiding their pedagogical assessment in all learning areas.


In 2001, we progressed into a new area, offering trainings to our partner schools on student inclusion and special education: how to respond positively to students with learning difficulties and special needs.


The St. John’s Language School opened in 2002, focusing on language acquisition for student travel exchanges and prepping for the ESOL exams from the University of Cambridge and other international certificates. At that time, we continued to offer consulting services to international, bilingual and regular schools.


In 2008, in Oxford, United Kingdom, St. John's worked on the creation and development of a cohesive international education system, to adapt and integrate both British and Brazilian educational common cores. That system integration contemplated teaching the preparatory program for the University of Cambridge exams. Since then, the International English Learning System – IELS, has been used as a regular course at our partner schools.


In 2010, the St. John's Publisher was created to produce, develop and sell its own academic material related to the International English Learning System – IELS.


The St. John's International School, was stablished in 2017 as an international school acting according to the guidelines of Brazilian and British education common cores to teach the Primary Years Programme in English, Portuguese and Spanish to children from 18 months to 13 years old.