St.John's International School is an IB candidate School


Enrollment Application

We are very happy that you are considering an application at St. John's. Our schools are carefully designed to promote children´s intellectual growth and a healthy education. Here, pupils will acquire new skills, discover their talents; cultivate a love of learning and apply their curiosity through the inquiry-based approach.

1. The first step is to fill the Application form and to send it to us by the email: This way we will be able to identify the unit of your interest (St john´s International School or Little John nternational School) and also the availability of places.

2. The second step is to set a visit to the unit. Please, contact us so we can arrange a visit, show you around and discuss how our school can assist your family.

3. The third step is student evaluation (Language Approach – English; Portuguese and Development). For Infant (from 1 year old to 5 years old) we evaluate the level of the language (English; Portuguese) and Social, Personal, Emotional and Physical Development. For primary students (from 6 to 13 years old) we evaluate the level of the Language (English and Portuguese) and Social, Personal, Emotional and Physical Development and also Academic Approach considering the age group.

4. The fourth step is a family and primary student interview (student from 6 years old). This conversation is important because the school can understand each family profile and the student learning performance. This way the school can trace unique and special relationship between modals of teaching and learning.

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